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Ecology Summer Schools:


CEVKOR has held summer schools for high school and university students in Izmir, Kastamonu and Trabzon, with the conviction that the solution for environmental problems starts with education.


Education Programme For Young Ecologists:


CEVKOR has organised and executed a serious environmental education programme for teaching the principals of ecology and integrating them into students lives. The students were chosen among Anadolu and Fen (Science) colleges students with the suppot of Directorate of National Education. World Wildlife Fund has deemed the project worthy of support.


Contests, Compaings and Awards:


CEVKOR, who belives in the importance of participation of society in environmental education, has held various contests and campaingns. Among these are:


Contest for the Environmental Research Project (1992)

Contest for the Environmental Slogan (1993)

Compaign for A Nest for Every Balcony (1994)

Compaign for Ending Tree Massacre. (1995)

Compaign for Cleaning the Environment (Izmir 1994 - Konya 1997)


In order to incease the interest in protecing the environment, individuals and institutions who where sensitive to environmental issues were awarded.


Municipalities, industrial institutions, academicians and press were awarded with Environmental Achievement Awards after evaluating works done within the limits of City of Izmir.


Another activity was the Literary Works Contest for the Environment, organised in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education in 1998.

The awards were given in story, poem and fairy tales categories with a ceremony. The works of the finalists were published in Ekoloji.




In order to achieve a broad awareness through media, CEVKOR has prepared and aired 2 programmes for television called ?Environment and Man? in 1995 and ?Ecology? in 1996, each 13 episodes. 


CEVKOR Forests:


The amount of the area considered forest is 3 ha in Turkey, whereas this figure is 12 ha in the world, 13 ha in USA and 72 ha in Australia. What is the contribution of the society for the forests, which have numerous ecological and aconomical values?


In order to make a contribution and a difference, CEVKOR has been doing forrestation works regularly since 1992 in cooperation with Izmir Forest Area Directorate and Izmir Municipality. To date more then 70.000 trees were planted in 50 ha area. 40.000 trees were planted in 2007 alone.


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