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(International Journal of Environment)


Journal of Ekoloji has been published regularly since 1991Ekoloji has, without a doubt, a distinctive place. It is the first and only scientific environmental journal in Turkey. With an editor board consisting of national and international academicians, it publishes the works of academicians. Juornal of Ekoloji is indexed by more than 45 international indexes.



Ekoloji Magazin
(Turkish Popular Magazine in the Environmental Field) (

In order to reach masses of people and establish an awarenes in society, CEVKOR has started to publish Ekoloji Magazin in 2004. 

  • Ekoloji Magazin strives to rise awareness in environmental issues in our country and in the world; natural, cultural and historical riches; clean energy tecnologies and healty living.
  • Ekoloji Magazin is trying to protect the natural and cultural heritages and pass them on to new generations.


EurAsian Journal of Bio Sciences
(International refereed electronic journal
of Bio Sciences)

CEVKOR has started to publish EurAsian Journal of Bio Sciences in June 2007.

EurAsian Journal of Bio Sciences is an international refereed electronic journal. It accepts only original "research paper" and short "research note" in English in all aspects of biological sciences.


Ekoloji Teknik
(Environment and Energy Sector Magazine)


Ekoloji teknik contains an in-depth analysis of major news stories and provides professionals with the latest information in the environment and energy sector.

Ekoloji teknik is published four times per year. Readers of the publication are top management, leading experts, industry buyers, policy makers, academics, up-and-coming young professionals and opinion formers within the environment  and energy sectors.

The accuracy of Ekoloji teknik?s circulation is second to none. Our distribution list is updated constantly, so you can be sure your advertising message is targeted 100% every issue.

Advertising to Ekoloji teknik?s unique and influential readership provides the perfect marketing tool for informing industry purchasers of your products and services.
Ekoloji teknik is the ideal medium to promote your company to the Turkey?s environment and energy industries.


Ekoloji Teknik is contributing to the process of Turkey?s entry into the Eurepan Union. Ekoloji Teknik is the only magazine that was accepted as a full member from outside the EU countries into EEP, Eurepan Environmental Press (

Do you now know that Ekoloji Teknik is a member of the commission that awards the European Environmental Awards since 2003? This privilege is a great honour for Ekoloji Teknik and for Turkey.

Books for Environmental Awareness and Education:


CEVKOR has published Evnvironmental Education Series in order to achieve an environmentally centered approach. The following books have been published in the series to date: 

  • Environmental Education: Concept and Methodical Approaches
  • Environmental Education: Methot and Special Subjects
  • An lntroduction to Environmental Education
  • Main Concepts in Environmental Education
  • Preschool Environmental Education
  • Towards an Environmental Society (German)
  • Various Ecosystems and Environmental Education
  • Biogas Technology
  • Anaerobic Biotechnology and Bioenergy Production